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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pentagrams at Pentagon? Perhaps

Neopagan Pentacle   (Public Domain)
Although conspiracy theorists have long talked about an association between the Pentagon and occult symbolism, it is the mainstream media that is now reporting on the enhanced self-expression of Wiccan soldiers.

The "more than 1,500 Wiccans" who are accounted for within Department of Defense statistics  (Wicca being one of the "religions
recognized by the U.S. Military") will now be able to request "religious accommodation" in terms of displaying "their religious articles while in uniform."

NBC News reports that the "nearly 3,700 Muslims," "nearly 6,300 Buddhists," "handful of Sikhs," "Jewish service members" and others will also be apply to apply for such permission, as long as this religious expression does not interfere with the "needs of mission accomplishment."

These forms of religious expression might entail special apparel (such as turbans or yarmulkes), identifying grooming (such as uncut hair or beards), "religious tattoos, and some jewelry with religious inscriptions."

This new military policy will also specify that "service members have the right to observe no religion at all."    


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