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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Marriage as a spiritual practice

(Photo by Krish Dulal)
If you want to discover just how spiritually challenged you really are, it might be time to get married.

However, do not take this crucial step without first reading the "instruction manual":  The Seven Spiritual Practices of Marriage by psychologist Kevin Anderson.

According to David Yonke of The Blade, Anderson believes that failed marriages have one major thing in common:  The couple does not maintain a daily commitment to treat one another in a kind, loving, honoring way.

This lack of commitment is not surprising since people don't usually view marriage as something that requires practice.  Although willing to spend time mastering a foreign language or a musical instrument, spouses often put their marriage on automatic pilot.

Sheila Otto of sdiworld explains Anderson's use of the Asian greeting Namaste (meaning "the God within me salutes the God in you").  He uses it as an acronym for recalling these seven recommended marital practices:  "Need a shared vision; Always stay connected; Make conflict a path to intimacy; Accept and affirm my spouse "as is"; Stay focused on working on the "I" in marriage, not trying to change my spouse;
Treat sex as a sacred gift exchange; and Extraordinary grace is hidden in the ordinary."

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