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Monday, November 25, 2013

Iran deal: One step closer to Armageddon?

Tel Megiddo    (Photo by Daniel.baranek)
Listening to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is enough to make anyone wonder whether Armageddon is just around the bend.

The Jerusalem Associated Press reports that Netanyahu made the following comment about the recent nuclear deal with Iran:  It's a "historic mistake" that "makes the world a more dangerous place."

Netanyahu is particularly concerned about Iran's nuclear infrastructure being left largely intact, and warned:  I want to clarify that Israel will not let Iran develop nuclear military capacity.

This statement, although leaving a lot to the lurid imagination, is still clearer than many of those concerning Armageddon.  Wikipedia loosely defines "Armageddon" as "the site of a battle during the end times, variously interpreted as either a literal or symbolic location."

The term "Armageddon" actually appears only once in the Bible – in Revelation 16:16.  It is also called "har mageddo" in Hebrew, meaning "Mount Megiddo" or "Tel Megiddo" (a "tell" being "a hill created by many generations of people living and rebuilding on the same spot").

Tel Megiddo (today simply known as Megiddo) is currently located in modern Israel, "about 30 km south-east of Haifa." 

That's not all that far from Iran.


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