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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ute's 'man-eating' monster for real?

Ute's Chief Severo and Family (Public Domain) 
Ute people, indigenous to North America's Great Basin (which Wikipedia defines as "a cultural region located between the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada") told
stories about a "man-eating monster."

One such story involves two grandsons who were sent out hunting for food by their grandfather.  After killing an elk and preparing its meat, the elder grandson warned the younger one that there could be "some bad things about." 

The younger one disregarded this warning and refused to remain hidden in a tree with his brother.  Hence, the man-eating monster grabbed the younger brother and carried him away.  As this story goes, the younger brother
was able to be raised from the dead, even after being eaten by the monster.

"Just another legend," you say?

Perhaps not entirely.  AP Science Writer Malcolm Ritter reports that the remains of a killer dinosaur which put T. Rex to shame have now been discovered in Ute country.  Could this three-ton, 30-foot-long beast have been the man-eating monster of Ute notoriety?  

We might never know for sure – unless, of course, some of its other victims rise from the grave to tattle.     


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