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Friday, November 1, 2013

Belgian euthanasia: Growing concerns

Euthanasia Device    (Public Domain) 
It isn't enough that the Belgian Parliament has already deemed euthanasia (not assisted suicide - which has enough of its own moral questions to contend with - but outright euthanasia)  to be legal for certain citizens over the age of 18. 

Maria Cheng of the Assocated Press reports that the Belgian government is now also thinking of instituting legal euthanasia for
specific children - "something that no other country has done."  Along with that, Belgium is considering the legal possibility of euthanasia for some "adults with early dementia."

There are those who are intensely opposed to such practices and proposals.  Catholic Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard had this to say:  It is strange that minors are considered legally incompetent in key areas, such as getting married, but might (be able) to decide to die.

Oxford University's Charles Fostr stated: Children, like everyone else, may not be able to anticipate how
much they will value their lives if they were not killed.

Penny Lewis of King's College London concluded:  If the Belgian statutes go ahead, this will be a key
boundary that is crossed.   


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