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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mount Etna: Typhon's at it again

2002 Etna Eruption  (NASA Photo)
Typhon is not just any old monster.  According to the Ancient Greeks, he is the "Father of All Monsters," which makes him quite the monstrosity.

Although Typhon is said to have a human upper half, he must have been out to lunch when they were distributing noggins like Brad Pitt's.  He instead ended up with "a hundred dragon heads"
erupting from his neck and shoulders.  (Talk about a bad hair day...)

Typhon's bottom half isn't much better.  In fact, it is worse yet.  Wikipedia explains that his personal nether regions consist of "gigantic viper coils" that constantly hiss.

Ugh!  (Translation: Yuck!)

This alleged son of Gaia and Tartarus is a hothead, to boot.  Typhon is therefore associated with deadly storms and volcanic eruptions.

Some say that he lives beneath Mount Etna, and that he periodically threatens to blow his top.  Just last week, ABC News reported that "Mount Etna, Europe's most active volcano, has erupted again…"


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