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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Anti-Semitism rising in Hungary

(Kristallnacht - Synagogue Burning)
Seventy-five years after Kristallnacht (Nazi Germany's "Night of Broken Glass" pogrom), anti-Semitism is still rearing its ugly head in Europe.

Fueled by social media and other Internet sites, hate propaganda against Jews is especially alive within France, Belgium and Hungary.  According to the AFP, such anti-Semitism exists in politics, the media, and on the streets as "vandalism and open hostility."

The situation is becoming so bad in Hungary that "older Jews, Holocaust survivors and their children are afraid."  Emigration is being talked about more and more, and applications for moving to Israel have "hit a record high."

During the Holocaust, Hungary lost approximately 600,000 Jews.  There are now 120,000 left.  Ironically, along with the increase in anti-Semitism comes a "growing Jewish renaissance" within Hungary.

One person who commented upon the aforementioned AFP article had this to say about Jewish solidarity in the face of persecution:  "I for one want to thank all the anti-semitic…  Your hatred has segregated us into ghettos and this backfired plan of yours caused us to stay together…  You are just a pawn in G-D's plan."


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