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Monday, November 11, 2013

Parrot ministry: Sadie's sacred service

African Grey  (Photo by Lmbuga) 
Parrots are considered by Western science to be among the most intelligent of animals.  They are also considered by Eastern religion
to be extremely loving and wise.

In his article "Secrets of the Parrot," Devdutt Pattnaik points out that the parrot is associated with Kama, the Hindu god of love.  Plus, the gentle form of the goddess Devi "holds a parrot in her hand."  Pattnaik also tells of a wise parrot that was said to have repeatedly convinced a wife not to commit adultery while her merchant husband was away for 70 days.

Back in 2006, Sarah Newman of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote an intriguing account of Sadie the Service Parrot.  This then-2-year-old Congo African Grey Parrot had been the service companion to a gentleman named Jim Eggers.  Eggers had been diagnosed as "bipolar with psychotic tendencies" and had experienced "severe depression and potentially dangerous mood swings."  He had also been "slightly hearing impaired."

Sadie amazingly knew just how to soothe Eggers when he began to feel anxious.  She would literally say to him such things as "Jim, I love you.  You're OK." 

Sadie also helped to cue Eggers in on audio signals.  When the phone rang, she would automatically say "Hello!" - and when the doorbell rang, she would inquire, "Who's there?"   


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