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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Self-nuptials: Being the one

There now...      (Photo by CLW)
With all this talk about different paradigms of marriage, there is one that is almost always overlooked:  marrying yourself.

Therefore, Jeffrey Levin and Bonnie Powers decided to fill that void.  While marrying one another, they "conducted a self-marriage
ceremony for all of their 120 guests."  Just so no one would go home lonely that night…

Natasha Burton of Cosmopolitan explained that this fits right in with the couple's marital philosophy:  The best time to work on your twosome marriage is before it occurs.  In other words, be the one before finding the one.

So how does one go about arranging for this momentous celebration of self?  Easy.  Simply shell out the $300 that the couple's DIY kit costs, and you're good to go.

Included in the kit are the following items:  a gold ring and some accompanying verbiage.  Don't have the $300?  Not to worry.  You can get the silver-ring version for $45.

Don't have the $45?  Perhaps you need to save a bit more before taking this huge step…   


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