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Monday, July 14, 2014

Katherine Heigl 'difficult,' but then again who isn't?

Jacob and Esau  (Velasquez)
So the news flash for today is that Katherine Heigl is "difficult." One can only imagine this being said with a grin and a grimace by those who are, of course, never difficult.

Kristin Dos Santos of seems to delight in stating that Heigl was converged upon by a room full of reporters who “did not tread lightly” when it came to addressing “rumors of her ‘difficult’ reputation.”

Did these reporters “not tread lightly” because of their sterling allegiance to truth in all of its many manifestations, or did they not tread lightly because of some less-than-easy aspects of their own characters?

Those who study the Bible may notice that some of God’s leading lights have difficulties of their own.  Take the story of Isaac, Rebekah, Esau and Jacob, for example.  Isaac learned dysfunction early on from one of its masters:  his dad, the great patriarch Abraham. 

Isaac then passed some difficulties of his own on to subsequent generations by grossly favoring one twin son, Esau, over the other, Jacob.  Wife Rebekah, in turn, did the same with Jacob over Esau.  As for Esau and Jacob?  They perfected the art of sibling rivalry while still in the womb.

Biblical stories like these simply beg the question:  Why does God choose such folks to be His own?  Scholars have wondered about this for centuries.

The going answer is this:  God chooses such folks because they are just like us.  If there is hope for them, then perhaps we (along with Katherine Heigl and those inquisitive reporters) can also be transformed by grace.


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