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Friday, July 25, 2014

Zoo wildlife: Inside and outside the cages

London Zoo, 1835  (Public Domain)
The behavior of some beer-sloshing humans at the London Zoo is enough to make a Creationist become an instant Darwinist. 

And it certainly is enough to make most folks wonder just which species should really be locked inside those cages…

Kristina Bravo of writes about “more than a few disturbing incidents at this year’s Zoo Lates.”  These recipes for disaster (just add alcohol) include the following:  a man “pouring beer over a tiger,” a woman attempting to enter the lion’s den, and another man wanting to waddle with the

At first, these Zoo Lates fundraisers seemed like a brilliant idea.  The plan was to invite London’s “finest” in for a nocturnal walk on the wild side at $35 a head. 

Apparently, though, ferocious beasts weren’t enough of a sensory stimulation.  Stilt-walkers, comedians, and “fantastic food from around the world” were added to the mix.  Still not enough…  Bring on the beer!

One attendee (after noticing fellow frolickers "crushing butterflies on the ground”) concluded:  I don’t think partying, alcohol and animals are a good combination.

A zoo spokesperson, however, begged to differ by pointing out that “only three people have been thrown out of the facility since 2013.”


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