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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Planet of the Ants: Not a typo

Here they come...  (USDA Photo)
Just because we have all watched endless Planet of the Apes movies doesn’t mean that they will translate into reality.  In fact, it is much more likely that ants will continue to dominate Earth.

Notice the phrase “continue to.”  Mark W. Moffet of the Smithsonian Institution emphasizes: “Ants already control the planet.  They just do it under our feet.”

Moffet further explains that ants greatly outnumber humans, and “their total weight… equals or exceeds that of humans.”

Live Science reports that ants are collectively military geniuses.  They wage war masterfully, using the very best techniques that humanity thinks
it invented.  When swarming their enemies with “Shock and Awe” tactics,
ants put their weakest members up front, while preserving their mightiest in the rear.

Cows, and even some humans, have proven to be no match for millions-
strong armies of African ants.  Such an army of teeth-toting insects can devour mammalian prey within minutes.  That is one compelling reason why “women in equatorial Africa carry babies on their back.”

Although each individual ant might not be all that intelligent, in unity there is superhuman strength.  So people beware...  Payback for all those cans of Raid may soon begin.


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