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Sunday, July 27, 2014

This little piggy menaced children

Sizzling Mad  (Photo by Roboscreech)  
The Associated Press recently reported that a pig on the loose in Maine not only “menaced two children walking through the woods,” but also “scared another passer-by.”

According to Chinese astrology, this sounds really out of whack.  Wikipedia reports that those born during a Pig year “are artistic, refined, intuitive, intelligent and well-mannered.”  One would surmise that these astrological qualities were extrapolated from those of the animal itself.

This Yankee pig must not have read the Beijing memo, for he was seen “screaming at the kids and chasing them.”  Either that, or this is massive payback for bacon.

In any event, this feral creature is not at all like the Porky we once knew and loved. Why it's enough to make a would-be astrologer throw in the cape and say: That’s all folks!


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