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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Siberian crater: Gateway to Hell?

Dante's Hell  (by Gustave Dore)
Those who believe in the literal truth of Dante Alighieri’s Divina Commedia might not wish to purchase a ticket to Siberia any time soon.

Eric Pfeiffer of The Sideshow reports that the existence of “a mysterious 260-foot crater” in a remote region of Siberia known as the “end of the world” has now been confirmed by Russian officials.

This crater was recently discovered by a helicopter pilot flying above the Yamal peninsula.  Recorded footage of this hole makes it appear “to descend infinitely below the surface.”

Theories abound regarding the cause of this crater.  Because it is not too far from “Russia’s largest gas fields,” some wonder whether an underground explosion occurred.  Others believe this hole to be a “pingo” (aka “hydrolaccolith”), a natural result of ice
pushing up “from underneath the ground.”

Perhaps these scientifically-oriented folks haven’t yet read Dante’s descriptions of Hell’s geography.  Wikipedia explains that it consists of “nine concentric rings leading deeper into the Earth and deeper into the various punishments of Hell…"  (That’s Hell with a capital H.)

Hell has often been described as an “underworld.”   If it is indeed under our own world, then this crater might best be approached very gingerly – if at all.


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