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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Swastikas for Rael

Ancient Necklace  (Photo by Maksim)
If you had hoped for pure relaxation on New York City beaches this past weekend, you might have been sorely disappointed.

Just below the lazy hazy summer clouds, there floated a banner that was anything but soothing to most.  Dylan Stableford of Yahoo News reports that this banner flaunted a combination of the following symbols:  swastika, peace sign, heart, and Star of David.  More specifically, the swastika was merged with the Star of David as an alleged equivalency of peace plus love.

For many of these beachgoers, the swastika invoked feelings quite the
opposite.  They equated it with Hitler’s Nazi regime and were outraged that the International Raelian Movement had deliberately flown it over the Rockaways and Coney Island.

The Raelians, for their part, “believe the swastika was co-opted by Nazis, and that it is time to ‘rehabilitate’ the symbol.”  Wikipedia explains that the word “swastika” literally means “well-being,” and has been revered within “ancient civilizations around the world including Turkic, India, Iran, Armenia, Nepal, China, Japan, Korea and Europe.”

Brooklyn City Councilman Mark Treyger remains unconvinced.  He stated:  Try explaining [that] to someone who witnessed their loved ones who were butchered by people under that Nazi symbol…


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