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Monday, July 21, 2014

Trash Islands: Plastic hideaways

In memoriam...  (Photo by Daderot) 
Whereas once there was a bountiful Turtle Island upon which indigenous people thrived, nowadays there are stark Trash Islands upon which sea creatures wither.

If your seafood dinner tastes a bit different than it used to, that could be due to some trashy additions in the aquatic food chain.  Tia Ghose of Live Science reports that “about 35 percent of the fish they [Captain Charles Moore’s team of Pacific Ocean researchers] sampled have swallowed some plastic.”

If chewing on Tupperware doesn’t appeal to you, consider this:  Moore has previously noted that these Trash Islands also contain a smorgasbord of eel traps, toothbrushes, floating nets, etc.  Something for anyone whose molars are cutting-edge.

All this has caused Moore to issue a dire warning:  There will soon be “a new floating world in our oceans if we don’t stop polluting with pastics.” 

And chances are, it won’t be fit for God, man or turtles…


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