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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Be good, be kind, be nice, be you and have fun

Report Cards (Photo by Aaron Manning)
NBC News reports that these are the words spoken by Carter Gaddis to his two young sons each morning.  Imagine how much better the world could be if every parent said this to every child on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, such is not the case.  A recent survey of school-aged children indicates that parents care far more about children’s achievements than they do about children’s relationships.

As a result, “kids think much less about being nice than they do about getting an A on a test, winning a swim meet, or being best camper.”

Celebrations often occur when children ace report cards, but how often is their kindness acknowledged in such a reinforcing fashion?

Rick Weissbourd, who conducted this study at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, concludes that parents are “hyper-focused” on their own kids, and are not as concerned about their children’s relationships with others.

Weissbourd also points out that “the irony is… relationships are probably the most important aspect of happiness.”


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