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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Aslan poll: Would Jesus approve of modern Christianity?

Reza Aslan  (Photo: Roanoke College)
Reza Aslan is no stranger to controversy.  His book Zealot: The
Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth has already stirred public
opinion every which way.

Now he has raised the following question via an I Side With poll
If Jesus suddenly came back to earth today, would he approve or disapprove of modern Christianity?

Questions such as this one have certainly been asked before. Other versions include these:  “If Jesus suddenly came back to earth today, would he be crucified all over again?  Would he be banned from most churches?  What would he do about today’s modern dilemmas (WWJD)?”

These questions, as well as those about the historical Jesus, have no easy answers.  Results of this poll were categorized according to political affiliation, ethnicity, economic bracket, educational level, and geographical location.  All in all, the overwhelming majority of responses came up on the “Jesus would disapprove of modern Christianity” side.

Many of the additional public comments were quite insightful.  They include the following:

He [Jesus] would disapprove of “Christians” who use“Christianity” to put down other people.

Too vague.  Define "Modern Christianity."

I have been reading all of these comments and realizing some people are convinced they know it all and some are just confused…

I think that Jesus would hate that everyone is trying to disprove Christianity on technicalities and word plays…

Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with Jesus.


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