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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Shandong sins: Commission and omission

Sins on the side...   (Public Domain)
When most people go to McDonald's, they expect to wolf down a burger and be done with it.

However, Beijing Reuters reports that a woman was recently murdered at a McDonald’s in the Shandong province of China.  Worse yet, this attack occurred while onlookers sat quietly by without trying to intervene.

Even worse, the state media later described these attackers “as being members of the Church of Almighty God religious movement.”   Murder in the name of God seems particularly deplorable.

Details of the attack were captured on video, and were afterwards shown on China Central
Television.  Social media comments have indicated public shock – not only regarding the attack itself, but also regarding the lack of response from onlookers.

One Weibo user wrote:  If I stay quiet today, who will help me cry for help when I suffer from misfortunes in the future?


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