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Monday, June 2, 2014

Good devil/bad devil: When motives are mixed

(Photo by Edal Anton Lefterov)
While Joe Cornell was working in a Salvation Army lot “as part of a substance abuse rehabilitation program,” he happened to see that a “bag of cash” had fallen from the back of a Brinks armored car.  

After picking this bag up from the ground, Cornell noticed that it was “stuffed with hundred dollar bills.”  At this point, his head began spinning.

Reuters reports that Cornell said:  Everything was going through my mind, the good devil/bad devil thing.  After “crying and shaking” a bit, he made a decision to turn the bag in.

What made the “good devil” win this round?  Someone struggling with a history of substance abuse – or anyone for that matter – might have easily grabbed the cash and run.

Cornell later explained his mixed motives.  On the one hand, returning the cash was simply the “right thing to do.”  On the other hand, “there are cameras everywhere now,” and Cornell was afraid he’d be caught.  The dreaded consequences?  “You’d be doing federal time,” he said. 


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