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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Michael Douglas admits marital mistake

Douglas circa 1975   (Public Domain)
It’s all too easy to take one’s spouse for granted.  However, it’s a lot harder to admit doing so.

When Michael Douglas became guilty of neglecting his marriage to Catherine Zeta-Jones, it began falling apart.  This
finally led to a split between them.

Sometimes it takes almost losing someone to rediscover what you’ve had.  Hindustan Times reports that Douglas now admits having taken Zeta-Jones for granted.

Douglas stated, "When you are younger you care what other people think…  You waste a lot of energy on strangers to make a good impression.”

This can lead to a turning away from one’s family.  Douglas said that the hardest part is owning up to this.  He explained, “First you have to admit that you made a mistake, then dealing with it is easy.”

And dealing with it is what both Douglas and Zeta-Jones (it’s never just one person’s responsibility) have been doing…  They are now back together, putting in the effort that it takes to make things work harmoniously.


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