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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bill's better bananas: Orange you glad?

Banana Spirit  (by Xavier Romero-Frias)
Although Bill Gates’ plate seems mighty full, there is apparently still room on it for bananas.

Not just any old less-than-perfect bananas, but genetically modified ones that put nature’s own to shame…

Here’s how it works: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation threw nearly $10 million towards the creation of “a pro-vitamin A-enriched banana” that will allegedly provide “poor and subsistence-
farming populations with nutritionally rewarding food.”

People who are used to slicing raw beige banana flesh into their breakfast cereal might be dismayed to note that these cooked GMO “cousins” look somewhat orange.  Not to worry, this change of hue simply reflects the added pro-vitamin A.

Natural News reports that the scientist in charge of this slippery endeavor is James Dale, Director for the Center for Tropical Crops and Biocommodities in Queensland, Australia.  Regarding this project, Dale has confidently stated:  We know our science will work…

The question remains:  “Work” in what overall sense?  Would the Hindus who consider nature’s bananas to be blessings agree?  How about the Malay and Thai people who believe in spirits that inhabit wild banana plants?


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