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Monday, September 2, 2013

Grow your own brain: Recipe below

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With the era of pet rocks long gone, it's time for a new hobby.  This one's a corker:  mini-brain gardening.

Cameron Scott of SingularityHUB was kind enough to share some tips for beginners.  First you take some "pluripotent human stem cells" (ones that can grow in a specialized fashion)
and plop them into the equivalent of a fancy petri dish.  Then you let them set a spell.

When proto-neural cells start to sprout, harvest them (carefully) onto a "scaffold." Grab your bioreactor and employ it "to improve cellular growing conditions."  Pretty soon, voila!  You are now the proud new owner of "a brain-like organ" complete with "differentiated brain regions."

However, it's important not to get overly attached to the little critter.  This is a kind way of saying that it might not last too long.  Although this mini-brain can actually develop "a cerebral cortex, retina… meninges and
choroid plexus," that's about as far as it's gone to date.  Two months into the process, and the "mini-me" stops dead in its tracks.

Researchers from the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences attribute this fatal outcome to a lack of "adequate nutrients or oxygen to continue growing."  This is because there was no circulatory system present to nourish the mini-brain's core.

Now why all the fuss over growing your own brain?  Why not something simpler (and perhaps tastier) such as mung bean sprouts?  The answer is profound (and ethically loaded):  mini-brains not only have the potential to help cure complicated diseases, but may also one day serve as brain transplants.


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