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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lojong: The pith and the pendulum

Atisa  (Public Domain)
The human brain - "plastic" though it may be – needs constant reminders of which path to follow. 

The brain is constantly ruminating upon thought after thought – and it swings mightily from one mood to another.  If there were a way to "steer" it into calmer waters, that would be a boon indeed.

The pithy slogans of lojong might just be that way. Wikipedia explains that lojong is a tried and tested method of "mind training" from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.  It is based upon "a set of aphorisms" (now
known as "slogans") that were composed by Chekhawa Yeshe Dorje (a meditation master) in the 12th century.  He, in turn, drew upon the rich Mahayana lojong practice that had been developing in India from 900 to 1200 CE.

This original group of approximately 59 slogans includes the following ones:  Be grateful to everyone.   Self-liberate even the antidote.   Examine the nature of unborn awareness.

These slogans are meant to be focused upon to the point of moving the brain's consciousness into a more enlightened state. They have been so effective that modern-day spiritual leaders (such as Zoketsu Norman Fischer and Pema Chodron) are still very actively working with their essence.


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