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Friday, September 20, 2013

Wearing white: Jewish trend growing

Guardian Angel   (Public Domain)
Lily Harrison of E! recently reported that Ashton Kutcher and girlfriend Mila Kunis both wore white while attending a Kabbalah
leader's funeral.  Harrison explained, "According to ancient practice, wearing white is believed to attract positive energy."

This sartorial practice is not limited to Kabbalah followers.  Lauren Markoe of The Washington Post reports that Orthodox Jews commonly wear white during Yom Kippur.  Even "less observant Jews who make up the majority of world Jewry" are beginning to pick up on this practice.

For many, this wearing of white is highly symbolic.  Stacey Robinson, a Reformed Jew, stated, "I can stand now, ready, clean, before the Gates…  White is clean, and pure and made new."

Rabbi Josh Jacobs-Velde, leader of a formerly-Conservative congregation, stated that he has been seeing "pockets of white" amongst the Yom Kippur worshippers.  He explained that "Yom
Kippur is a kind of ritual death of sorts, and white recalls the white shroud in which the body is wrapped in a traditional Jewish burial."

However, Rabbi Tamara Miller prefers to focus upon another symbolic aspect of the color white.  Markoe reports that "it's the white-robed, angelic symbolism" that appeals to Miller.        


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