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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Neo-Nazis spew prejudice in Germany

NPD Supporters   (Photo by Samuel3333)
A youth faction of Germany's Neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NPD) has been spreading propaganda in some down and dirty ways.

Andy Eckardt of NBC News reports that this group has even resorted to sending "customized racist condoms to some German politicians."  This Young
National Democrats (JN) group has dubbed this ploy "a purposely provocative campaign that would likely be used beyond the German elections."

Not necessarily…  Eckardt also reports that the condom company which allegedly-unwittingly manufactured these slippery devices has already issued this apology:  We very much regret that such a mistake has been made and that our condoms were used in connection with such propaganda. We clearly distance ourselves from the political content and aim…

This is certainly not the first time that the the NPD has spewed such prejudice.  When Udo Voigt used the slogan "Gas geben" in his 2011 NPD campaign, critics were quick to point out the anti-Semitic allusions "to
the Nazi gas chambers." 

Because the literal English translation of "Gas geben" is "step on the gas," Joern Menge of the "Hamburg-based non-profit organization Loud Against Nazis is counteracting that slogan with these words:  We are calling on democratic German politicians to step up action against right- wing slogans.  


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