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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Go God! Falcons bid for church property

Falcon with prey (Photo: Dennis Jarvis)
The Atlanta Falcons just made a millions-strong bid to acquire property currently owned by the historic Mount Vernon Baptist Church.

Maybe they think that the site of so many prayers will grant them Godspeed on to victory.  Or maybe they're just focused upon their own worldly goals.

In any event, FOX Sports reports that this deal would be worth approximately $14.5 million – $6.2 of which would be paid by the Georgia World Congress Authority, and $8.3 of which would be paid by the Atlanta Falcons.

The Mount Vernon historic church would have to be relocated if the deal goes through.  A second church at the site has already preliminarily agreed to a similar "fate."

In their stead would emerge a "$1 billion, retractable-roof NFL stadium…"

This is what is often called progress.  The question is:  Towards what?


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