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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wedding day blues: Priest vs. photographer

(1929 Bride)
When you come right down to it, priest vs. photographer is merely a symbol of the larger dichotomy concerning weddings:  spiritual vs.
worldly.  In other words, are weddings simply the ultimate parties of people's lives, or are they instead sacred ceremonies?

Danielle Tumminio, an Episcopal priest, wrote an article for Huff Post Religion about the "battle" (gone viral) between priest and photographer at the recent wedding of Rob and Noelle Ruehle.  As is the case with so many ceremonies, cameras started clicking as soon as the solemnities began.

At that point, the priest faced the video camera and said:  Please, sirs, leave.  The cameraman asked, "Where do you want me to be?" – and the priest answered:  Anywhere other than here.  I will stop the ceremony if you do not get out of the way.  This is not about the photography, this is about God.

Tumminio points out that whereas priests often see themselves as spiritual guides, families often see them as "performers" of a carefully-choreographed "act one, scene one."  She also explains that "the reception usually lasts four to eight times longer than the ceremony, and the priest isn't paid a fraction of what the photographer is."  She reports that the cost of a "perfect" wedding day has now risen to an average of $28,400.

Tumminio emphasizes that this tension between the worldly and spiritual aspects of weddings needn't be
an either-or.  Drawing from her own personal experience as both priest and wife, she explains that both the priest's guidance and the photographer's visual reminders could be seen as blessings.

She also points out that God works in mysterious ways, and you never quite know when a priest's influence
might be felt.  Even within the context of a materialistic funfest, that influence might just shine through.    


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