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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

When 'selfish' works

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As the airplane is getting ready to roll, travelers are given some safety lessons.

In case of emergency, passengers are warned to put their own oxygen masks on first; it is only then that they will be able to assist others. 

This exemplifies the practicality of what is often derided as “selfishness.”  Alison Goldman of Women’s Health explores a number of other instances “when you should 1,000 percent put
yourself first.”

She challenges the negative connotations that the word “selfishness” often has, and offers the term “selfitizing” to describe those times when putting yourself first yields goodness for all concerned.

For example, pushing the limits on physical health in order to be there for others can result in so much illness on your part that others will then have to “wait on” you. Although there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with needing such help, this is probably not the outcome that you were originally seeking.

There is also the thought-provoking perspective that you too are one of God’s children; therefore, why should your own well-being not be as important as anyone else’s?


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