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Monday, August 18, 2014

'Monks' on Mars

(Saint Anthony the Great)
Although flying off to Mars might sound exciting in theory, the reality is much more like the life of a monk than it is like the life of an adventurer.

The Desert Fathers (and Mothers), for example, practiced Christian ascetic living within a stark region of third-century Egypt.  These small monastic communities adhered to strict routines that didn’t leave much worldly wiggle room.

Irene Klotz of Reuters reports on a team of researchers whose lives sound eerily similar to those of the erstwhile Desert Fathers.  These researchers “have been living in a mockup Mars habitat on a Hawaiian volcano practicing isolated living on the Red Planet.”

This team mainly remains within the confines of a 1,000-square-foot dome.  When members do venture forth into the surrounding environment, it is to accomplish specific tasks that are integral to the overall mission.  One member noted:  I haven’t seen a tree, smelled the rain, heard a bird, or felt wind on my skin in four months.

Lest these scientific "missionaries" completely forgo their secular lives,
some non-monastic entertainment is provided.  In addition to the “flavorful mush” that they regularly
consume, these would-be astronauts also enjoy “movies, board games and exercise.” 


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