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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cole Porter: An atheist in the trenches

Cole Porter    (Public Domain)
It seems that Cole Porter mostly practiced what he didn’t preach.  In other words, he was a confirmed atheist in both word and deed. reports that Porter was “born in 1891 into a barely nominally religious family.”  Although his mother attended church now and then, it was more “to show off her new hats” than it was to show her devotion.

Throughout Porter’s life, he “seldom referred to God, except to deny belief in Him.”  Not one to repent in the trenches, Porter remained an atheist even while struggling with the after effects of a serious accident.

Having had both legs crushed by a horse rolling over them, Porter was in tremendous pain for quite some time.  He bravely pressed on, relying upon his love of music plus the support of family and friends.

Even while Porter was being admitted to the hospital for the very last time, he staunchly refused to add a religious affiliation to the admittance form.  Instead, he told the nurse:  Put down – none.

His final words were these:  “…I don’t know how I did it.”

Maybe God does.


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