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Friday, August 29, 2014

Can crushes crush?

The Flirtation  (by Eugene de Blass)
An article titled “Hitched: Is it OK to get crushes… when you’re married?” from Women’s Health thus far elicited 94 comments, many of them emphatic.

After wrestling with her attraction to a banjo-playing “hottie,” married (with toddler) author Korin Miller concludes:  As long as I’m not having crushes on the regular, hiding anything from [husband] Chris, or treating him any differently because of another guy, it’s fine.

Or is it?  Many readers think not.

One warns:  Why even flirt with disaster?  Playing with a crush can lead to cheating, so don’t take the chance.

Another told the sad story of a marital breakup, due to his wife’s crush on her boss’s boss.

Still another claims that the media messes up marriages by convincing people that it’s perfectly normal to have such extra-marital crushes.

Can crushes crush?  In some cases, yes.  Each “spoken-for” person must therefore decide:  Is this a chance worth taking?


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