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Friday, August 15, 2014

Colbert's conservative side

Colbert  (Photo by David Shankbone)
Although the public knows in theory that Stephen Colbert has a conservative side, they don’t often get to see it.

The off-stage Colbert is a devoted Catholic who is extremely supportive of U.S. military veterans.  He also has some sincere advice for youths who are struggling with romantic dilemmas.

The Sideshow reports that during a Rookie Mag Q&A session, Colbert was asked why teenage guys make catcalls and joke about rape.  Colbert explained that they are seeking attention and don’t necessarily “mean to be harmful.”

In response to a 19-year-old female who complained that her father didn’t permit her to sleep at her boyfriend’s house, Colbert suggested that since she is still living under her father’s roof, perhaps she could also be open to accepting her dad’s “relationship advice.”

When a young lady from Mexico City asked Colbert how she could tell whether someone liked her, he gave this thoughtful reply: “ nice definition of love is that another person’s happiness is more important than your own…”


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