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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Realistic optimists: Happy and successful

Your call...  (Photo by Tysto)  
If you think the glass is either half empty or half full, you could be experiencing only half the fulfillment that awaits.

Seeing it as both half empty and half full might be more realistic.  Retaining the half-full optimism, while exploring the half-empty possibilities, might lead to a success that doesn't depend upon rose-
colored spectacles.

Tia Ghose of Live Science presents the results of personality surveys administered by organizational-psychology researcher Sandra Chou of National Taiwan University.  These surveys were given to approximately "200 college and graduate students in Taiwan," and tested their degrees of idealism and realism.

Chou discovered that "realistic optimists" tend to face challenges with both creativity and back-up plans. Rather than simply believing in positive thinking, they set attainable goals and work towards making these "dreams" come true.

The trick is to remain "rosy-but-realistic" – keeping a "clear-eyed view of reality," yet emphasizing what can
be done about the challenges that arise.  This can help to offset the anxiety that realistic optimists are prone to (because they "recognize the possibility of failure," whereas idealists tend to "use positive illusions" to
soothe their own anxieties).


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