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Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Proverbs 31 wife in sheep's clothing

(Photo by Toni Barros)
Kylie Bisutti - former Victoria's Secret model turned "God Inspired Fashion" (GIF) cofounder - says that she has gone from being a conflicted sex symbol to being a "Proverbs 31 wife…"

She has therefore gone from promoting skimpy lingerie to promoting skinny jeans that double as Bible billboards.  Her GIF
collection includes such items as "Not ashamed of the gospel" pocket Christian tank tops for women, "Fear God" Christian
button-down shirts for men, and "SAVED" Christian jeans for toddlers.

There is definitely a not-so-hidden agenda to the promotion of these items.  The GIF website asks, "Ever feel moved to share God's word with a friend, classmate, coworker, or even a stranger and then talk yourself out of it for whatever reason?" Never fear – the wearing of GIF clothing can presumably "Help put God's word back in the schools!" and help to "Start a revival!"

While making the world safe for Christianity, Bisutti is also becoming the perfect "sheep" (in Christianity, faithful followers are often referred to as "sheep" and their leaders as "pastors").  Her stated Proverbs 31 goal would mean taking on the following wifely attributes:  providing food for her family, setting about her work vigorously, opening her arms to the poor, extending her hands to the needy, speaking with wisdom, watching over the affairs of her household, not eating the bread of idleness, and fearing the Lord.

So where does GIF fit in?  Proverbs 31 also advises wives to be "clothed in fine linen and purple," to supply "the merchants with sashes," and to be "clothed with strength and dignity."      


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