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Monday, August 26, 2013

Pastafarian vs. Authoritarian

Pastafarian Headgear (G.dallorto)
It's getting so that you can't tell the Russian 'religious' players without a

On the one hand, Pastafarians (who refer to themselves as the "Church of
the Flying Spaghetti Monster") marched through St. Petersburg recently, "armed with colanders on their heads and pasta in their mouths." According to Albina Kovalyova of NBC News, this somewhat satirical display netted an "anything but lighthearted" response from Russian

These "Russian authorities" not only included "police," but also "members
of a Russian Orthodox group…"  This ideological clash resulted in some
Pastafarians being knocked to the ground, and others being "detained
and subsequently charged with organizing an unsanctioned rally."

Pastafarians claim 15,000 among their Russian ranks.  They define themselves as a "real religion," complete
with an anti-dogma dogma.  As a result of this recent clash with authorities, some "spaghetti worshippers" are being accused of  "insulting the religious feelings of believers."

This accusation rests upon a recently-introduced Russian law which carries a possible penalty of "up to three years in jail."  NBC News reports the following:  After having been suppressed for decades under communism, the church has become one of Russia's most powerful institutions, imposing its social mores onto society.


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