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Friday, August 23, 2013

Benedict XVI: The real reason

Praying Hands (Albrecht Durer)
For those who are still wondering what really made Benedict XVI morph from Pope to Pope Emeritus, the answer is profoundly simple:  God. reports that Benedict himself shared this information with a recent
visitor to his abode at the Mater Ecclesiae monastery.  According to this report, Benedict described a "mystical experience" in which God gifted him with an "absolute desire" to remain secluded in divine prayer.

Benedict also clarified to the visitor that this experience was "not any kind
of apparition or phenomenon of that kind," but instead an ever-growing
"longing for a unique and direct relationship with the Lord."

The Pope Emeritus also disclosed that his observations of Pope Francis'
charisma have further convinced him that this mystical longing had indeed
conveyed "the will of God."

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