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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sean Le Vegan: It's a dog's life

(Photo by Chris Barber)
With a last name like that, it's not the least bit surprising that Sean Le Vegan is an animal activist.

As part of his empathetic bond with God's four-legged creatures, Le Vegan plans to live in a shelter kennel for 35 days. By so doing, he hopes to raise awareness concerning the plight of homeless animals.

The "35" of 35 days was not chosen randomly.  According to MSN Living, that is the average length of time a dog spends in a shelter.  For the first four days, Le Vegan will abstain from eating solid food because that is "the average time some dogs take to eat when in an alien environment."

As for possessions – Le Vegan will mimic the Manchester Dogs' Home norm by having only "water and
blanket with no bed" while living at this animal shelter. 

As part of a fundraising initiative, video cams will be focused on Le Vegan during his 35-day vigil.  The cost for those who wish to observe such a feat will be $7.50. This "money will go toward refurbishing the shelter."

Hopefully, the saying "It's a dog's life" will come to mean something better and better…    

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