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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Turquoise: Betcha didn't know

(Photo by Arpingstone)
Betcha didn't know these ten things about turquoise (even though Wikipedia did)…

One:  The name itself is sixteenth-century French for "Turkish" because this mineral was most likely first introduced into Europe via Turkey.

Two:  Even the hardest varieties of turquoise are about as breakable as window glass.

Three:  Iran (formerly known as Persia) has been an important source of turquoise for over 2,000 years.

Four:  Turquoise was mined in the Sinai Peninsula by Ancient Egyptians.

Five:  Arizona and Nevada are the two leading turquoise-producing regions within the United States.

Six:  Turquoise also comes from China, Australia, Chile, Afghanistan, India, England, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Poland.

Seven:  Tutankhamun's "iconic burial mask" was "liberally inlaid" with turquoise.

Eight:  Ancient Persians wore turquoise around the neck or wrist to ward off "unnatural death."

Nine:  Turquoise was associated with Hathor, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of "joy, feminine love, and motherhood."

Ten:  According to Exodus 28, turquoise was "a stone in the Jewish High Priest's breastplate."


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