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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow Goose: Capricorn totem

Snow Geese (Photo by Cephas)
Those whose birthdays fall sometime during the period of December 22nd through January 19th are often astrologically referred to as Capricorns.

According to, Capricorns are "all about hard work."  This fits right in with their other two predominant characteristics:  ambition and determination.  Life to them can be "one big project" that is handled in a "businesslike" manner. Playing it safe (not flouting convention) is another way in which Capricorns climb that social ladder toward "fame, prestige and money."  This upward
tendency has long been symbolized by the Goat which ascends to the rugged mountain peaks.

Native Americans have also associated the Snow Goose with those born at the Capricorn time of year.  According to, "Native Americans throughout time have held sacred the connection between nature, animal, and man."  Native American astrology teaches that the "birth animal totem" is the "animal spirit that you were born under."

Some of the Snow Goose astrological attributes are as follows:  banding together for the greater good, defending home and family, practicality, materialism, physical travel, spiritual quests, perfectionism and success.  The "ultimate lesson" of the Snow Goose" is the need to balance material and physical aims with
spiritual and emotional connections."


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