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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mamika: Wonder Woman plus 70

(Look out Newton, here comes Mamika!)
Ever wonder what Wonder Woman's been doing after all these years?  Most would assume she's lying on some couch watching Superman reruns - simply because it's been decades since she first hit stardom back in 1941.

No way!  Seeking a new lease on life at age 80-something, Frederika Goldberger (Wonder Woman's "Clark Kent" alter ego) got off the couch and back into the studio.  There her grandson (and you thought she and Captain Steve Trevor were just friends) Sacha Goldberger "began photographing her to help cheer her up and keep her active."  MSN Today reports that after a few short years of striking poses, Frederika emerged from her artsy cocoon as "Mamika the superhero" (for those who aren't fluent in Hungarian, "Mamika" means "my little grandmother").

Mamika's mission?  To show the world "that you can be old and still have a sense of humor and be fun…"  Not content to simply be a theatrical icon like Betty White, Mamika is also determined to defy Newton's Law of Gravity.   She has therefore been depicted in midair, cape streaming behind her, having no doubt harnessed the power of quantum physics as a mighty ally in this quest.

Even her alter ego has accomplished miraculous feats.  Whereas Clark Kent barely made it through a day at
the office without avoiding someone's gaze, Frederika Goldberger was quite confident in her own skin.  So
confident, in fact, that during the World War II Nazi scourge, she and her husband managed to save  
themselves and ten others from a terrible fate...

Mamika, now "a sprightly 94-year-old French woman," is planning to co-host exhibitions of the work she's been doing with her grandson.  This work includes the books Mamika: My Mighty Little Grandmother and Mamika & Co – plus there's even talk of a Mamika movie.


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