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Monday, December 10, 2012

Dawn still Breaking in Serbia

(Photo by Pivari) 
The Twilight series might now be officially ended, but Dawn is still Breaking in Serbia.

NPR implies that residents of the Serbian hamlet Zarozje would not be the least bit surprised to find Bella and Edward in their
midst.  After all, somebody's got to convince Sava Savanovic that things aren't quite as bad as they sometimes seem.

Sava Savanovic is described as "Serbia's most famous vampire," who is currently furious over the destruction of his favorite hangout (a "small shack in the dense oak tree forest… on the clear mountain Rogatica river").  When this shack recently collapsed (not from neglect, mind you, but from the fear of the locals to mess with it over the years), Svanovic no longer had a "place to hang his cape."

This resulted in a certain wanderlust (wandering through the woods while lusting for revenge) for the poor "fellow."  How do we know?  NPR reports that some "locals claim they can hear steps cracking dry forest leaves and strange sounds coming from the rocky mountain peaks…"

These same folks feel way down deep in their un-staked hearts that Svanovic has surely survived the piercing of his own thumper on those very same mountain peaks long ago.  He allegedly did this by morphing into a butterfly at the time.

Although some locals are now talking Svanovic up in the hopes of encouraging a Transylvanian-type tourism, others are stuffing garlic into their pockets just in case…


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