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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pizza Hut now Ark: Hold the cheese

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What was once somewhat a "den of iniquity" by Seventh-day Adventist dietary standards is currently undergoing an intense transformation.

That is to say, the former Pizza Hut of Lewiston, Maine will now be known as The Ark.  This new establishment will forsake pepperoni in favor of an all-vegan menu.  It will be operated by the Northern New England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and will offer Saturday services, Bible studies, counseling - plus "classes in herbs, parenting, vegetarian and vegan cooking."  A future vegan restaurant is also on the agenda.

Wikipedia reports that "wholeness and health have  been an emphasis of the Adventist church" since it began in the 1860s.   Dr. John Harvey Kellogg - a Seventh-day Adventist (until mid-life) whose medical patients included William Howard Taft, George Bernard Shaw, Johnny Weissmuller, Lowell Thomas and Amelia Earhart – once directed the Adventist-owned Battle Creek Sanitarium (and co-invented corn flakes in his spare time).  Kellogg's advocacy for vegetarianism, along with his staunch insistence about the relationship between diet and health, fit right in with the Adventist teachings (although his alleged pantheistic views did not – which is why he was eventually "disfellowshipped").

Some of the theological Seventh-day Adventist teachings are as follows:  Christians should still adhere to the Ten Commandments; the Sabbath should be observed from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset (i.e., the seventh day); the writings of Ellen White are considered to be prophetic messages; rather than suffer eternal torture in hell, the wicked will be permanently destroyed; and there is a "Great Controversy" between God and Satan that affects humans.  


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