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Friday, September 28, 2012

Mean Stinks: Secret's out

Secret deodorant, made by Proctor & Gamble, offsets (although not necessarily healthfully) the kind of stink that can result from wholesome physical activities.

There is, however, another kind of stink that even Secret (with its allegedly-toxic chemicals) can't just kill with the flick of a roll-on stick. This kind of stink comes from deep inside and lurks within the corridors of countless middle/high schools.  This is the stench of meanness – a stench that can overpower some of the most well-intentioned young ladies.

To Secret's credit, it has therefore partnered with "best-selling author and girl-expert Rachel Simmons" in order to help end the girl-to-girl
mean streak for good.  Rachel Simmons began studying female aggression at Oxford University, which she attended after winning a Rhodes Scholarship. reports that she is the "co-founder and director of the Girls Leadership Institute," as well as a "Leadership Development Consultant for the Center of Work and Life at Smith College."

On the Secret Mean Stinks Facebook page, there is a link called "You might be a bully if…"  This catchy section points out these four ways that girl-to-girl bullying can occur:  Social Bullying (ruining reputations with gossip and rumors), Indirect Bullying (pretending something mean was "just a joke"), Relational Bullying (coercion via silent treatment and threats), and Cyberbullying (posting mean things online).


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