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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Diane Berke: A daily spiritual practice

Did you ever read something that "grabbed" you?  Did you ever wonder what it is that's being grabbed?  Did you ever then put it aside (perhaps indefinitely) because the phone was ringing, or the dog was barking, or the baby was crying?

If so, Diane Berke's "Instructions for the Practice of Sacred Reading" might be just the thing to bring your attention back around to Spirit's important messages.  Berke is the Co-Founder and Spiritual Director of the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City.  She has long been a leading light in the fields of spiritual counseling, psychotherapy, and Interfaith ministry education.  Her daily spiritual practices have been the nourishment for this ongoing leadership.

On her recent 60th birthday, Berke began sharing her daily Sacred Reading Practice with an overall
community of spiritual seekers and practitioners.  The One Spirit Learning Alliance website offers free daily links to (or e-mails/audio versions of) these readings, along with clear instructions for integrating them into a contemplative (yet action-oriented) morning practice.  This is a practice that can "fit" most modern-day schedules.

Berke points out that "the purpose of spiritual practice is to wake us up, to realign us daily with what is deepest, truest, and most alive in ourselves and in life." 

What better way to start the day?

She concludes:  We practice that we might learn to listen deeply, to open to grace, and to dedicate
ourselves to channeling grace and blessing into the world.


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