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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Maat: Libra's ancestor

(Medieval Libra Symbol)
Although astrology considers Libra to be a "masculine" (meaning "positive" or "extrovert") sign, it is often depicted as a female who is balancing the scales of justice and truth.  This
depiction is very similar to that of Maat, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of law, morality and righteousness.

Wikipedia explains that Maat's original role was to "set the order of the universe from chaos at the moment of creation."  She then helped to prevent Creation from reverting back to chaos.  However, she has since become primarily focused upon insuring the orderliness of individual souls. explains that adherents of the Ancient Egyptian religion Kemet believe that Maat weighs the soul, so to speak, by placing the heart of a deceased person on a scale that is counterbalanced by a feather which symbolizes cardinal virtues.  Prized virtues of Kemet include the following: control of thoughts, control of actions, devotion of purpose, faith in your teacher and yourself when seeking the truth, being free from resentment, and being able to
distinguish right from wrong and real from unreal.    

Kemet also includes the Admonitions of Maat (aka "42 Declarations of Innocence").  Some of these are the following:  I have not stolen from God, I have not cursed God, I have not closed my ears to truth, I have not made anyone cry, I have not caused disruption of peace, I have not polluted the water, I have not taken food from a child, I have not polluted myself, and I have not placed myself on a pedestal.


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