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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wolf in journalist's clothing

Wolf (by IsraelinUSA) 
In this here country, we believe in the separation of hens and wolves.  We also supposedly believe in the separation of church and state.  Not to mention the separation of journalism and preachy dialogue…

It was therefore quite a surprise to find one of the country's foremost journalists, Wolf Blitzer, "leading the witness" during a key interview moment.   The Inquisitr reported that CNN anchor Blitzer had recently asked an Oklahoma-tornado survivor named Rebecca whether she had "thanked the
lord" for her good fortune.  He did this after assuring her that she, her husband, and her son were all blessed.

Now granted, Blitzer (whose name refers to "lightning" in German/Yiddish) might know a thing or two about the dangers of storms.  As the son of two Holocaust survivors, he certainly knows quite a bit about gratitude. Nevertheless, he put quite a dent into the so-called objectivity of journalism by
skewing the interview in God's direction.

Rebecca's response was honest and direct, yet remarkably diplomatic.  She explained to Blitzer that she was an atheist, but added:  don't blame anybody for thanking the lord.


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