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Friday, May 3, 2013

Pope Emeritus Benedict: Hidden in broad daylight

Vatican Gardens (Photo by Marek69)
According to Philip Pullella of Reuters, Pope Emeritus Benedict had said that he would live out the rest of his days "hidden from the world."

If that be the case, then perhaps he was inspired by Sherlock Holmes to hide in the most obvious place:  the Vatican.  Philip Pullella of Reuters reports that Benedict recently moved to a restored Vatican Gardens convent "just a short walk from the residence of his successor, Francis."  His new home also includes a chapel, a library, a guestroom for his brother Georg, and "quarters for his aides." 

There to greet him out front when he arrived was Pope Francis.   The two later prayed together in the
chapel.   This was the first time that they had gotten together in person since their historic meeting at Castel Gandolfo on March 23, 2013.

Although Benedict has pledged "unconditional reverence and obedience" to Francis, some are wondering what would happen if Francis were to undo "some of Benedict's policies while he is still alive."  They are theorizing that the former pope could then "become a lightning rod for conservatives and polarize the church."

The official statement is that Benedict "is happy to be back at the Vatican… where he intends to dedicate himself to the service of the Church, above all with prayer…"  According to Pullella, Vatican officials have also said that although Francis and Benedict will likely "exchange views" from time to time, the current pope "is his own man."

Time will tell.   


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