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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mermaids: Real or not, they're essential

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Brenda Peterson, a contributor to the Huff Post Green Blog, doesn't exactly believe in mermaids.  She nevertheless treasures the many mythologies about them.

She explainsMermaids are mirrors reflecting back to us our ancient bond with the oceans and our future dependence upon the 'gifts of the sea'…  Mermaids call forth from us a kinship and memory based on our own Aquatic ape ancestors.  Most of all, they remind us that our seas are our ancestral wombs and our most vital future life support system.

This kinship between humans and sea animals could explain the high ratings
for Animal Planet's two shows, Mermaids: The Body Found and Mermaids: The New Evidence.  Whereas there is no scientific doubt that beautiful and intelligent sea creatures such as whales and dolphins are being killed in droves by military sonar,
Animal Planet raises the additional question of whether a mermaid-like body was also washed ashore with the beached mammals.

In answer to that latter question, Peterson concludes:  Who's to say?  She therefore concentrates upon another conundrum: Why are we making our oceans too dangerous to sustain all life?

Mermaids or not, she feels that this is the essential question raised by these fishy documentaries.


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