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Friday, May 31, 2013

Gay Scouts: Church controversies

1969 (Public Domain) 
According to Ken Mandel of Newsmax, the Boy Scouts have decided to "allow openly gay youths to join their ranks."

Mandel explains that some religious groups are in support of "the Boy Scouts' attempts to be inclusive."   These groups include "the Mormon church, The National Jewish Committee on Scouting, the Episcopal Church, the United Church of Christ, the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Metropolitan Community Church."

However, the Roman Catholic Church continues to debate this issue, and the Southern Baptist national leadership is openly opposed to it. These latter two church groups have historically been two of the Scouts greatest supporters.

Southern Baptist Convention President Frank Page told NewsmaxI think I can
say with pretty strong accuracy that the vast majority of Southern Baptists are
very disappointed in the latest change in [Boy Scout] policy…

A Boy Scout statement responded to the controversy in this manner:  We believe this policy is reflective of the beliefs of most of Scouting's major religious chartered organizations and are unaware of any that believe a youth member simply stating that he or she is attracted to the same sex, but not engaging in sexual activity, should make him or her
unwelcome in their congregation…    


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